Pump and Fluid ends

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The UHP pump is the heart of any water jetting systemand Hypiont‘s pumps are designed for maximum performance with minimal wear, cycle after cycle.

The Hypiont H-stream  Series pump is an advanced design triplex pump with exceptional flexibility and versatility to efficiently meet the requirements of a wide range of pumping services.  It provides a powerful performance and dependable reliability needed to meet heavy-duty demands of continuous operation while keeping maintenance to a minimum. 

Combining industry-leading consultative solutions and a simple-to-operate and maintain design, our flexible, easily-configurable unit efficiently meets your needs in any application.        

Hypiontpump is available with either an internally or non-internally geared power end.  

Need a unit you can operate at different pressures, up to 40,000 psi (2,800 bar). We have many models for  you choose .
There are many reasons contractors and industry specify Hypiont pump units, but here are the ones we hear most often:

 •      High efficiency (up to 98%) with consistent performance

 •      Low operating cost

 •      Fast, easy maintenance 

       Advanced engineering and long-life body 

Fluid end features 

 •      Easily configured for operating pressures from 6,000 to 40,000 psi within 15mins . A single stainless steel frame plate and swing-out manifold is used for all operating pressures
 •      The design features minimum volumetric clearance and stress, with maximum shock and pressure resistance
 •      Passages are drilled to minimize turbulence
 •      The valve seat and stuffing boxes are precision-machined from high-grade stainless steel
 •      Stainless steel valves have a hard, double guided design that improves valve life by ensuring alignment.  Seats are beveled and are also made from hardened stainless steel
 •      Long-Life Power End  
 •      Compact design with internal gear reduction 
 •      Pressure lubricated 
 •      High water temperature operation  
 •      Advanced trunnion design for superior support .
 •      Protection for the power end through low oil pressure and high temperature switches               
 •      Water loop cooling to prevent overheating in all weather conditions

Power Frame Features 

 •      Horizontal configuration provides easy access and low center of gravity.
 •      Rugged, cast-iron housing with gravity lubrication and large oil reservoir.
 •      Forged steel crankshaft mounted in heavy duty bearings.
 •      Drive pinion output shafts on both sides of pump allow for opposite-hand drive. 
 •      Internal gearing eliminates the need for large pulleys or belts, greatly decreasing the pump’s overall footprint.  
 •      Large-diameter cylinder crossheads operating in full circular guides, fitted with hardened wrist pins
 •      Ground crosshead stub shafts with lipped seals to keep water and dust out of crankcase.

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