Hypiont roots date back to the early 1992,due to the exhibition JIMTOF in Japan ,doctor Adachi Ayumi made the reach of UHP technology ,then in 1994 provides technologically advanced, environmentally sound solutions to the manufacturing and industrial cleaning markets. We’re the pacemaker in the development and manufacture of ultrahigh-pressure (UHP) waterjet technology, Since1993, Hypiont has delivered over 9,000 waterjet and abrasive waterjet systems to customers in more than 100 countries.Today , Hypiont’s core markets have grown to include aerospace, automotive, job and machine shops, paper, food, art and architecture, industrial cleaning, surface preparation, food processing and other specialty applications.

    With its rapid development in technology and increasing demand for cold cutting process by more and more industries, owns over 50 patents related to ultra-high pressure numerical control waterjet cutting machine and ultra-high pressure water cleaning technology. 
    Hypiont has become a member of National Standard Committee on Waterjet Systems. Hypiont's water jets are widely used in glass, marble, rubber, ceramic and metal cutting and drilling, famous for its perfect cutting accuracy and high speed.

    Hypiont has been awarded the “National Standard Drafting Corporation of ultra-high pressure waterjet cutting machine”, “National High-Tech Corporation”, “Municipal-level Technology Center”.Our products also passed the ISO9001 Quality System Approval, and got the CE Certification and TUV Certification. 

    Our target is to become an international group with advanced technology, reliable after-sale service. We are 100% Associate-owners of Hypiont which means that each and every one of us has a vested interest in your satisfaction and a strong drive to provide the best products and services. Parts that can lower your cost of ownership by delivering more cuts, more work hours, increased productivity and ultimately greater profitability. Parts delivered with a level of service that you will only find with Hypiont.