EdgeStream 60

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cutting pressures have consistently and steadily increased.  The reason is simple, Pressure = Productivity.  Increase the waterjet pressure and the stream moves faster, reduces in diameter, and uses less abrasive (the highest cost consumable).


Faster cutting  

EdgeStream 60  is rated at 90,000 psi and delivers continuous operating pressure at an incredible 87,000 psi,  — a large increase in pressure from traditional 55,000 to 60,000 psi rated ultrahigh-pressure systems. As the pressure goes up the stream velocity increases, delivering greater cutting power density. 
From metal to composites, increases of 30-50% in cutting speeds are a result of accelerating the abrasive waterjet stream to the fastest level available.  Regardless of material or thicknesses, cutting speeds increase with higher pressure.

Increased  Production 

When waterjet  pressure up to 90,000 psi ,the advanced EdgeStream 60 pump delivery the manufacture a substantial improvement over cutting at 60,000 psi .Comparing with 60,000psi cutting speed the new Edgestream 60 pump will significantly  cutting productivity by 30%-40%.

New built into every Hypiont™ waterjet pump

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Advanced Intensifier Technology 


Hypiont waterjets were engineered using Advanced Intensifier Technology . By rethinking the way the intensifier pump works, we were able to make it work harder, last longer, and require less service time, it's what makes Hypiont Edgestream waterjets more cost effective than any other waterjet in the world.

Essential  Features
Easier servicing
90000psi at 75kw
Sophisticated software included remote access and ability to net work multiple pumps 
Optimized shifting
Simpler high-pressure ends
Prolonged seal life
Design consists of independent cylinders for ease of maintenance
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
Improved pump operating life
Reduces the energy costs associated with chilling/cooling intensifier pump hydraulics
Simple maintenance rebuilds
High operating life between maintenance rebuilds
Ideal for production runs
Optimizing waterjet performance
Whatever your cutting application, there's a Hypiont  Edgestream waterjet pump designed to meet your needs. Hypiont offers a full range of reliable, efficient waterjet cutting machines for around-the-clock operations, small prototype jobs, and every application in between.
The lowest cost of ownership
When you factor in the cost to purchase, own, and operate, you’ll find that Hypiont EdgeStream waterjets are extremely cost-effective and outperform all other waterjet systems. Reducing your system cost by 20% means that you can reinvest in your business or put that money toward your bottom line.
Control Station with PLC
Electric motor on/off control
Intensifier on/off control
Monitor system
System warning and shut down
Pierce and cut pressure controls
Hydraulics & Electrics
UL-approved electrical control panel
Totally enclosed force cooled electrical motor
Pressure compensated hydraulic pump
Kidney loop keeps oil cool when pump is in standby
Oversized heat-exchanger
Construction Features
Precision welded tubular steel frame for maximum strength and rigidity
Adjustable leveling feet
High efficiency SIEMENS main motor
Electronically shifted intensifiers
Wye-Delta soft start with disconnect
2.1 liter high pressure attenuator with filtration to .45 micron
Safety shutdown systems ? Automatic safety pressure bleed-down valve
Thermostatically controlled cooling system
Dual pressure set points
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for operation and safety monitoring
Axial piston, variable displacement, pressure-compensated hydraulic pump
Liquid filled pressure gauges
UHP safety shielded tubing
Optional Features
Advanced Controls
CE Mark
Physical Size
Length: 1,730 mm
Width:  1.320 mm
Height: 1,400 mm
Approximate Weight with Fluid:  1510 kg
Electric Motor 
Motor Output: 70HP
Motor Type: High Efficiency electric motor
load amps @ 380v (50/60Hz)
load amps @ 415v (50/60Hz)
Type: Single piston, dual plunger, reciprocating
Number of Intensifiers: one
Continuous Operating Pressure: 90,000 psi (6000bar)
Intensification Ratio: 24:1
UHP Flow Rate: 3.1LPM 
92,000 PSI-rated fittings and tubing
90,000 psi continuous operating pressure
Low-Pressure Water/Intensification Water
Type: Potable Tap Water, *Pretreated, <100 TDS, PH 6-8, Silica <15PPM
Supply Requirements: 1.45 gpm @ 36 psi (2.5bar ) min. / 70°F (21°C) max.
Filtration: 1, .45 Micron
Coolant Water
Maximum Temperature: 70°F (21°C)
Minimum: 2.5 gpm (9.5 lpm) @ Minimum 36 psi (2.5 bar)
Heat Load: 43,000 BTUs /Hour
Cooling Circuit: Kidney Loop
Reservoir Capacity: 76 gallons (290 liters)
Filtration: 10 Micron
Cooling: Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger Water/Oil
Optional Cooling: Exchanger: Air/Oil
Ambient Room Temperature: 50°-100°F (10°-37°C)
Relative Humidity: Non-condensing, Maximum 95% @ 100°F
Specifications subject to change.
Additional Features
Inlet water boost pump and water filtration to .45 micron
Large volume attenuator minimizes pressure fluctuations
Safety dump valve relieves system pressure in case of shutdown
Matched metal components prevent galling of hydraulic components. Intensifier designs allow for the usage of common tools instead of specialized jacking system tools. Hydraulic accumulators are standard on all pumps. This provides smoother hydraulic pressure, reduces spikes and prolongs hydraulic pump life.
Hydraulic fluid is cooled and filtered.
Rugged hydraulic center section incorporates high duty cycle-rated piston seal and wear rings.
Easy Maintenance - Access panels make it easy to maintain the pump. Intensifier components can be accessed without having to get into the hydraulic center section and hydraulic rod seal.
Leak detection block indicates seals needing replacement. (optional on some pumps).
No special tools required.
CE-marked attenuator smoothes pressure fluctuations and delivers constant and steady stream of UHP water.
On-board water filtration protects pump components, maximizing machine run time.
Easy Operation – EdgeSream pumps can be controlled remotely from the motion controller and have programmable dual pressures.

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