Diesel Units

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The Hypiont D-stream  water blast units  are engineered to outperform and outlast any other units. The new stainless water tank and filter system helps extend system life, while larger filters help extend onsite operating time.

Available as a skid or trailer unit, D-Stream diesel waterblaster offer a host of features to provide contractors with enhanced performance, superior durability, and unsurpassed operating efficiency.  Working pressures from 5,000 to 40,000 psi (350 to 2750 bar) with input power from 150 to 325 hp (112 to 242 kW).

What happens when Hypiont takes the toughest waterblasting system in the industry and improves it from end to end? You get an D-stream duty unit with enhanced performance, superior durability, and unsurpassed operating efficiency.

The D-stream units deliver a host of engineered improvements. One of the most notable changes is the special water tank and filter system. This  integrated design helps extend system life, while larger filters help extend on-site operating time.

You still have a choice of skid or trailer mounted units. And you still have Hypiont’s exceptional customer service team and service facilities to support you day and night.

We invite you to explore all the enhancements and operating features of the Hypiont D-Stream.

This pump, with its quick-change, in-line fluid end design, has fewer parts for increased operating efficiency and simpler maintenance. And, it requires only a simple conversion kit to operate at pressures between 6,000 and 40,000 psi (414 and 2,800 bar).
The Hypiont D-Stream Series units are built to the exacting standards that have made Hypiont equipment the contractor’s choice for over 12 years. These trailer mounted units come standard with features like four wheel electronic brakes, full D.O.T. lighting package, and heavy-duty axles.  All operating controls, including the pressure compensating by-pass valve and pressure gauge with snubber, are mounted on a separate accessory manifold, which provides additional protection for these important components.

Powerful performance and undeniable reliability are just two reasons the new D-Stream Series waterblaster is the clear choice for your high-flow applications. Featuring the most compact design in its class, the 600hp unit can deliver output from 61.4gpm (232.4 lpm) @ 15,000 psio (1034 bar) up to 116.3gpm (440.2 lpm( @ 8,000 psi (551 bar).

Key Benefits

 •      A commanding 600HP Cummins 13.5L engine with a bypass filtration system that extends drain interval maintenance.
 •      Triple 200 gpm filtration allowing bag changes while the unit is running.
 •       A 250 stainles water tank extends the longevity of the parts by allowing the water to de-aerate before entering the pump.
 •       The compact design is the smallest in the industry for a 600HP waterblaster.                         

Fluid Ends 

 •      In-Line Univalve Cartridge
 •      Swing-Down manifold for full component access 
 •      Convert to various pressures in the field with minimal downtime
 •      Unique to the 600HP: Engine driven charge pump to ensure the fluid end receives water at the correct pressure, regardless of the supply conditions.

 Stainless Fuel Tank  

 •      300 gallon tank with internal baffles
 •      No rust contamination
 •      Removable for easy cleaning  

Stainless Water Tank    

 •      250 gallon water tank
 •      Allows for water to de-aerate before entering the pump, extending the life of the parts.
 •      Triple 200 gpm filters - the first in its class!
 •      Low water level switch to prevent cavitation from water supply problems 
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